When you learned to tie your shoes, did you think you could do it multiple ways? Well, there is a variety of methods for tying your shoe laces. Each one creates a new look for your sneakers. You may not think anyone will notice, but anyone interested in fashion will tell you it’s the details that count. 

Instead of relying on the classic style, it’s time to look at everything laces have to offer. Our guide will go through all of the different lacing methods so that you can try something new. Be warned; you might not ever go back to the old way. 

Let’s get started.

The Classic

Yes, we did mention that you don’t need to rely on this style, but you might as well be familiar with it, especially if you plan on going back to this method after experimenting with new styles.

When you open up a box of new shoes, the shoes already come with a diagonal-and-under lace pattern. You might notice that it’s super tight, messy, and not very even. If you’re not ready to try out a new pattern, make the classic look neater by redoing it. 

First, make sure the laces are even. Then you can start the diagonal pattern by going to the second set of eyelets. Start crisscrossing them, the first lace will go over and down over inside each eyelet. 

Avoid the lace going up through the eyelets. You want to look for the lace going to the right side is always under, and the left is always over. Then move on to the second shoe, following the same pattern. 

There you have it, the classic way of lacing up sneakers but improved. 

Straight Lacing

If you’re looking for another clean and simple way of lacing sneakers, straight lacing is the way to go. It’s also called “street lacing” because it’s casual and always looks cool. You’ll also love how it gives your foot room to breathe. 

Start with an equal amount of lace on each side of the bottom eyelet. Then you bring the left lace straight up the inside of the shoe to the second eyelet, then go straight across. It can get a little tricky so follow closely.

The right lace then goes straight up inside of the shoe to the third eyelet. Once again, go straight across. Now it’s all about repeating steps 2 and 3, alternating between the left and right laces. 

Skip their respective eyelets before going straight to the next one. Continue until your laces are all good to go, and finish it up with a knot.  

Ladder Lacing 

The next look is inspired by, you guessed it, ladders. This design weaves laces together across the top of the shoe, horizontally. Then it crosses vertically around the eyelet.

The final result will resemble a ladder! It’s a great option if you want something distinctive.

Fun fact, ladder lacing was created for military boots. This type of lacing works great for shoes that have a lot of eyelets. 

Start with lacing straight across the bottom eyelets. Then bring each lace into the second eyelet above. Go straight up the outside of your shoe. 

Feed each lace straight across to the opposite side, then wrap it under the lace and second eyelet. Then, continue up to the next eyelet that is directly above. 

Now it’s time to repeat! Send the laces across, under the adjacent lace and eyelet, then string them up to the next open eyelet. Follow all the way to the top and finish it with a bow knot. 

Spider Web

If you’re looking for a challenge, you’re going to love spider web lacing. This is an intricate technique that is sure to turn hands. Get ready to weave an elaborate web of laces that go back and forth across the top of the shoe. 

Start by lacing straight across the second-from-the-bottom eyelets. Make sure each end is even. Then you’ll want to place each end down the outside of the show to the bottom eyelet. 

Grab each lace and place them diagonally across the shoe. You’ll want to create an X as the laces go into the third eyelets.

Bring each lace straight back down. Wrap under the lace and eyelet directly below. Now take the laces up, diagonally crossing into the next open eyelet. At this point, it should be the fourth.

It’s time to repeat step 4 until you reached the top eyelets. Then, you know what to do, tie your preferred knot. This style also works best when you have a shoe with many eyelets. 


The most unconventional way of lacing up sneakers barely shows the laces. That’s right, this method of tying your shoe actually hides your laces. Essentially, you’re taking the shortest path through the eyelets along the side of the shoe. 

This is the way to go if you’re not planning on being very active. But it is perfect for a chill day with your crew. 

All you gotta do is thread the lace straight across the bottom eyelets, then take each lace straight up into the eyelet above and continue stringing. Alternate in and out but don’t cross the middle. 

Once you’re at the top of the shoe, tie it in a bow and tuck the bow behind the tongue. Use some shorter shoelaces, so you aren’t spending too much time tucking and hiding. 

Different Ways to Tie Shoe Laces

The best part about fashion is the ability to focus on the details, making all of your wardrobe choices unique to your personality. One of the most underrated ways to customize your fit is through your shoe laces. You may have thought there was only one way to tie them, but there’s a myriad of methods.

Find the ones you love and alternate depending on your mood. You’re sure to have someone point them out and give you well-deserved praise. 

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