For years, sneakers were mostly associated with gyms and running tracks. Now, it’s 2021, and we’re ushering in a new era. 

Today, sneakers move from day to night with ease, thanks to high-end touches, special details, and classic color combinations that go with practically everything in your closet. 

Platform sneakers are among the top choices for fashion-forward athleisurewear fans. More popular and versatile than ever before, these shoes are available in a range of styles that look effortlessly chic. 

Not sure how to rock them or what to pair them with? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover how this trend can turn your fashion game around, starting today. 

Wear Platform Sneakers With Dresses

Think that just because it’s summer, you have to squeeze your toes into uncomfortable heels every time you’re headed out? No way! Platform sneakers look beautiful with dresses of any length, from minidresses to skirts that graze the floor.

To let the rest of your outfit shine, stick to basic black or white if you’re rocking patterns or bright colors elsewhere. For instance, these Womens Platform Trace “Black” Sneakers from Puma would look great with a floral, striped, or polka dot dress. 

On the other hand, if you’re wearing mostly neutrals, then you’re free to get a little more creative with your footwear. In this case, why not add a little personality with a fun design? These Chuck Taylor All-Star Platform Zebra Canvas Sneakers add a playful touch that’s a great blend of wild and sweet. 

Add a Biker Jacket

Few accessories look as cool as sleek, black platform sneakers, but a biker jacket is pretty high on the list. When you pair these two together, you’ve got a street-style look that works just as well at work as a night on the town. 

The Puma Vikky Platform is one of our top picks, prized for its soft and shiny upper and thick, slip-resistant sole. Now, you just need the right jacket to wear it with!

Your best bet is to find one that fits well but still gives you plenty of room to move around. From the classic moto jacket to longer, rope-tie versions, you can find plenty of different styles. If you’re stuck, then check out this list of the 12 best leather jackets to find your new favorite!

Pair Metallics With Neutrals

White-washed denim is a big trend this summer, and you need a go-to pair of shoes that pairs well with your favorite jeans and shorts. Metallic platform sneakers offer the perfect contrast to faded neutrals, and the good news is that you’re not limited to silver or gold.

Especially if you’re a Hogwarts fan, why not check out these Vans Harry Potter x Sk8-Hi Platform RB “Morsmordre Dark Arts” 
Sneakers? Available in shiny dark green, these high-top platform sneaks would look ultra-cool with a pair of worn-in holey jeans and a basic, solid-colored tee. 

Play Around With Textures

While Converse arguably started the platform sneaker trend with its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars, today you’re no longer limited to canvas designs. You can find platform shoes in a range of colors, designs, and even textures to fit your personal style aesthetic. 

For out-of-this-world inspiration, check out these Vans Era Platform Sneakers. Outfitted in fuzzy red, blue, and gold, these animal print platform sneakers feature a low-cut upper and a cushy, thick bottom perfect for traveling around town.  

These would look great with a pared-down ensemble, such as a pair of black leggings and a graphic tee. Or, pair them with a more elegant dress for a look that surprisingly works.

Add a Long Top Layer

By their nature, platforms add height and dimension to your look. For this reason, they’re the perfect shoes to wear with a long vest or oversized tunic shirt, which balances your outfit in terms of length. 

Keep your bottoms simple and show off your style on top. In the fall and winter, you can layer long, chunky sweaters over skinny jeans. When it’s warmer out, swap those layers for lightweight pieces, such as a thin cotton shirt dress. 

Then, slip on a neutral pair of platform sneakers, such as these Womens Smash Platform V2 Suede “Pale Khaki” Sneakers by Puma. Your look will seem naturally put-together and you’ll turn heads anywhere you walk. 

Try Them With Cropped Pants

There’s a reason why platform sneaks and yoga pants are a match made in heaven. The slim fit of the pants puts all eyes on your feet, which gives your footwear the attention it deserves. 

The same concept holds true for cropped pants. Usually, these are pants that are designed to fit a few inches above where your hem would usually fall. With the right shoes, cropped pants can elongate your body and can even help you appear taller!

At work, stick to linen or cotton slacks, cropped just a few inches above your ankle. Then, look for a pair of platforms that looks equally professional, such as these Womens Suede Platform “Bubble – Black” Sneakers from Puma.

Then, when you’re ready to clock out, you can swap the slacks for distressed, cropped jeans! Dress up the look by throwing on a sharp blazer and your favorite sneakers, and you’re ready to head out. 

Rock Platform Sneakers Today

If there’s one trend that we’re ready to embrace for 2021, platform sneakers would be it. Insanely comfortable but absolutely chic, they pull an ensemble together in seconds.

Whether you dress yours down or up, you can rest assured that you’re fashion-forward and on the right track. If you’re looking for a new pair, you can find them right in our shop. From Puma to Converse, we have all of the top brands you’re looking for. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact our team!