Are you looking to add a pair of Air Jordan 1s to your shoe collection? Do you consider yourself an avid Michael Jordan fan and want to know more about the shoe itself? If so, then it would help to learn all you can about this infamous shoe model that kickstarted the entire Jordan brand.

Learning more about it will help you appreciate this incredible piece of art. You won't just view it as another shoe, you'll understand the awe-inspiring stories behind the Air Jordan 1. 

See below for an in-depth guide for all of the information you should know about the Air Jordan 1 shoe model.

1. It Almost Didn't Exist

... In fact, none of the Jordan sneakers we know and love today would have existed if it weren't for a few crazy instances. 

When Michael Jordan was just becoming the phenom of the NBA world, he sought out the opportunity to get his signature shoe. He was getting sponsorship deals from every major shoe brand at the time, but none of them were willing to give him a signature shoe line... except one.

Back then, Nike was just a struggling company. In those days, everything Adidas and Converse touched turned to gold, which is why Michael himself was interested in working with one of the two. 

Being the confident man he was, however, Jordan insisted he gets his signature shoe. When Nike came running with an agreement to give him one, he signed a five-year deal with them and the Jordan 1s were released. 

The crazy part? At the time, Converse told Michael Jordan that they "couldn't envision him being put ahead of" Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, their two big names at the time.

Technically, we have Jordan's agent, David Falk to thank. He was insistent that Jordan sign with Nike since Adidas was showing signs of falling apart and Nike was on the upswing. The rest is history!

2. Their Creator Was a Mastermind

When most people think of the Air Jordan shoe models, they typically think about Tinker Hatfield, if they think of anyone at all. However, Hatfield wasn't the original creator of the Jordan shoes.

Peter Moore is the Godfather of the Air Jordans, being the man that was tasked with creating the new Air Jordans of the time starting with the Jordan 1s.

Get this, you know the infamous logo of the ball and wings on the Air Jordan 1? Peter Moore designed that on a napkin while waiting for a flight to Chicago at the Portland airport. What are the odds of that?

He was documented as saying that he wanted to correlate flight with Jordan's apparent ability to soar through the sky on the basketball court.

That's almost as good as the story behind the Nike swoosh, which CEO Phil Knight paid a college kid $35 to draw. 

Believe it or not, the argument can be made that the Air Jordan 1s design wasn't even Peter Moore's crowning achievement. He's also the creator of Adidas's three-bar logo, which is now one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

3. There Are Countless Variations Now

There are so many awesome versions of Air Jordan 1s these days that it's tough for us to pick our favorites. Heck, it's tough to pick a "Top 5". 

The Air Jordan 1s now come in men's and women's sizes, have numerous colorways, and even three different variations—highs, mids, and lows—to choose from. Browse our inventory to see all of the available options for yourself.

Perhaps the most popular version of the Air Jordan 1s is their "Chicago" colorway which, as the name implies, represents the Chicago Bulls' colors throughout. They're the pair that Michael Jordan first wore on the court.

Whether you're looking for your next pair of on-court shoes or ones that you can wear when you hit the town, the Air Jordan 1s certainly have a colorway to fit it!

4. They Used to Be Much Cheaper

These days, you're lucky if you can find a pair of Air Jordan 1s for $150. Depending on the colorway, age, model, and collab, they might hit quadruple digits in some instances. 

It's hard to imagine that the Jordan shoes were ever under $100, but when they first came out, they only debuted for $22. That's the equivalent of $44 in today's money. Imagine how quickly they'd be swept up if they ever hit that price point again.

The good news is that Jordans hold their value extremely well. These shoes are an investment that you can one day sell to make some money towards your next pair if you so choose.

5. He Didn't Like the OG Colorway... At First

Those of you that watched The Last Dance know that Michael Jordan is good for a quippy response or two. 

It should come as no surprise that, upon getting his first peek at his signature shoe, he had an interesting response to the shoes' colorway: "I can't wear those!"

He was referencing the shoes' colorway of red, white, and black, which was made to signify the colors of the Chicago Bulls. However, with his deep Tar Heel roots, Jordan's first thought upon seeing those colors was N.C. State, one of UNC's biggest rivals.

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