Chunky Sneakers and What Brought them Back

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that chunky sneakers are the quite the thing now.

Originally from the 90’s, chunky sneakers (branded “dad shoes”) induced the exact same response as dad jokes: a facepalm. They were out of place, clumsy and awkward. Only dads wore them because dads didn’t care.

Not cool, dad.

But as we approached 2018, things took a different turn. Global interest in dad shoes peaked suddenly (first time in the entire history of internet, in fact). In just 2 year’s time, every brand we know and love are churning out the chunkiest of chunky sneakers. And they’re everywhere.

How did this come to be? Why are the “ugly” shoes cool now? Who made them popular? Well, there is an entire story line leading to the rise of dad shoes.

The Balenciaga Triple S

You already know this. Balenciaga experiments with “ugly” fashion.

Back in 2017, the Triple S was first announced. The “S” stands for “Sole”, so we have three layers of outsoles stacked together – a silhouette people either love or hate. And people didn’t hesitate to criticize the then outlandish design, at all.

(Credit: Balenciaga)

While the sneaker’s upper resembles a conventional mesh-and-leather trainer, the sheer mass of the multi-layered outsole looks like they previously belonged to several pairs of shoes.

Despite all the controversies, these bad boys hit the runway in Fall 2017 and took the world by storm. Almost overnight, they were IT. Balenciaga expanded the collection by releasing new and exciting colorways.

It was a huge success. So huge that it almost single-handedly made chunky sneakers cool again.

90’s Throwback

Also giving rise to the revival of dad shoes is people’s obsession with the 90’s style.

If we do a little research on Google, we’ll see that 90’s style has gradually gained attention since 2011. Before we realized it, chokers and biker shorts have taken over our wardrobe. Among all the 90’s goodies regaining popularity, OG dad trainers are a force to reckon with.

(Credit: Nike)

Retro releases of 90’s trainers are very sought after today. What was once ugly is cool now. It all comes full circle.

Sportswear is Fashion Now

Over the years, sportswear has transcended from sport-specific to fashionable. To put together a fashion-forward street style outfit, consumers are looking for something more than a traditional sneaker silhouette.

If we see the return of dad shoes as a new trend, what happens next can be considered a revolution.

Designers combine the elements of other footwear with the world’s newfound interest in chunky sneakers to create the unexpectedly popular hybrids. With this in mind, we can expect the evolution of sneakers to go above and beyond our imagination.

(Credit: Maison Margiela)

For some, the chunky sneaker trend may still need some getting used to. But it’s been here for a while and isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

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