Did you know that Adidas makes approximately 400 million pairs of shoes in a year? This high volume is due to continuous demand for their durable and comfortable products. It's also attributable to an increase in the number of fashion-conscious buyers.

For over 70 years, Adidas has continued to release new and modified shoe models that match a wide range of outfits. This brand also collaborates with high-profile celebrities who are fashion icons.

While Adidas shoes for men were primarily for sporting purposes, they are now a common trend in the sneaker's world.

Due to the numerous choices that the brand presents, selecting a shoe to match your style can be tricky. Here, we discuss the best designs available for men and their key features. We'll also mention some of the clothes you can wear with them for a complete, simple, or sophisticated look.

1. Adidas Superstar

One classic men's shoe that's been in the market for over 50 years is Adidas Superstar. This model features a unique classic shell toe design and cowhide leather upper set.

While the shoe has hip-hop and hoops routes, its simple but unique design has continuously increased worldwide popularity. The most outstanding feature is its herring-bone patterned outer sole.

If you are looking for white Adidas shoes to up your fashion game, consider getting this pair. Its elegant leather design and black overlay panels allow you to create a casual and fashionable look. You can also pair it with khaki pants and a short-sleeved shirt for a modern official feel.

2. Adidas Ultraboost

Adidas Ultraboost is an iconic men's shoe, thanks to its Stretch Web technology that increases comfort. This design also adapts the shape of a wearer's foot without excess squeezing. Besides, it has a rubber sole with high traction and is responsive to stride patterns.

Its heel also adopts a Fit Counter supportive design that acts as a shock absorber.

Another key feature of Adidas Ultraboost is that it comes with a flexible and highly durable sole. The extra padded innersole also minimizes discomfort during frequent movement or prolonged wear.

Due to these features, Ultraboost is among the most popular Adidas running shoes. It's also preferable for other activities that require traction, such as skating and basketball.

3. Adidas Gazelle

Even after 50 years of existence, Gazelle is still a common casual streetwear shoe. Initially, Adidas manufactured this model for football training. However, its prevalence has been increasing due to its minimalistic look and high level of comfort.

If you prefer to have many shoes of the same design, you can pick from their colorway available in more than 20 options. Further, opt for more conspicuous patterned models like camouflage, leopard, and polka dots.

An ideal way to wear Adidas Gazelle is with shorts and a sports t-shirt for the ultimate summer look. Alternatively, rock your pair with a neat pair of denim and hood to create a laid-back modern feel.

4. Adidas Stan Smith

Stan Smith, the renowned tennis player, endorsed the first shoe with Adidas in 1973. Since then, the company has updated the original model with advanced technology for a better customer experience. The most iconic Stan Smith design is one with a green heel tab.

Still, you can get this design in a broad range of designs and color patterns. Unlike other models that have modern features to improve the applicability, this shoe maintains its sole design. Hence, it's highly recommendable for fashion purposes rather than sporting activities.

Wear a pair of Adidas Stan Smith with your favorite suit to create a trendy official look. You can also complement it with casual pieces for a fashionable and classic appearance.

5. Yeezy 350

Adidas Yeezy 350 is an iconic shoe made in partnership with star rapper Kanye West. The pirate black colorway model is the most common design due to its contrasting red accents on the heel tab.

If you are looking for a high-performance shoe with proven durability, consider this sneaker. Besides, choose it for its design-inspired aesthetic that creates a highly fashionable feel.

Another key reason to get Adidas Yeezy is that it has lightweight cushioning. It also comes with a one-piece prime knit material that provides ultimate support and comfort.

6. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

Yeezy Boost 700 was the first chunky sole sneaker created by Adidas and Kanye West. Despite drawing mixed first impressions, its demand increased rapidly due to the dad shoe trend.

One popular model in the Yeezy Boost series is Wave Runner, with a leather upper and black suede overlay. This design also comes with a durable gray mesh and conspicuous neon yellow shoelaces.

Another high-demand Adidas Yeezy 700 option is V3. Unlike other shoes by the brand, this one has an RPU cage that glows in the dark, creating a luxurious feel. This part also consists of engineered mesh and overlays that create a unique structure.

If you love trendy, sporty wear, pair this shoe with your favorite Adidas Joggers. Besides, rock it with a pair of shorts and baggy or tight denim pants for a complete casual look.

7. Grand Court

Grand Court sneaker by Adidas is a classic rebirth of sports shoes that were popular in the 70s. Its outstanding three-stripe flash in the side gives it a unique appearance.

The shoe has a Cloudfoam sock liner that is prevalent in other Adidas running shoes men. While this feature is primarily for improving shoe performance, it also provides comfort even after prolonged wear.

Another classic feature of the Grand Court sneaker is a suede upper available in over 25 colors. With this wide selection, you can pick one to match your outfit and style preference. Further, opt for a plain color design with multi-colored iconic side stripes for the perfect fashionable look.

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