Ariana Grande: Top 6 Favorite Sneakers

Ariana Grande has a signature look that we are all familiar with. Along with that feline flick and trademark high ponytail, is a thigh-high boot, mini skirt, and an oversized top. While this exempts her performance wear, which is often a scant upper half; it’s clear that Ariana Grande has perfected her look. 

Unexpectedly,  the “Positions” hitmaker is known to don on sneakers once in a while. And here’s a rundown of Ariana Grande’s top 6 favorite sneakers.

White Nike Air Force 1

White Nike Air Force 1 is the internet favorites. It has the classic look that many admire, a versatility and standalone beauty that can be paired with almost everything. For instance, ladies can pair the sneaker with denim skirts, skimpy shorts, tattered jeans, and track pants.

As such, White Nike Air Force 1 is best if you’re always on the go and want to reduce the time taken to plan your outfits.

The sneaker boasts a foam midsole embedded in an encapsulated air cushioning unit. Thus, you’ll be comfortable taking those long walks, anywhere- albeit Ariana can attest to this.

Moreover, the midsole is significantly tall, which gives the much-needed extra height to the ladies. The toe box is also spacious allowing some extra wiggle room for your toes.

The lacing system allows for easy adjustments while the modern leather materials boost already durable footwear.

It’s no wonder that most die-hard Nike fanatics proclaim Air Force 1 as one of the most iconic designs and as such, will remain in the ladies’ footwear portfolio for decades. 

Superga’s Acotw Platform Sneakers

Superga’s Acotw Platform sneakers got you covered on fashion-forward footwear. This sneaker packs a fashionable appeal in a chunky, rubber platform heel. It’s great with a simple tee and fringe denim shorts for that daylight look. You can also pair it with a tight, nautical mini dress for that movie-night date.

The sneaker boasts a round-toe lace-up platform with metal eyelets for easy adjustments. At the same time, its natural rubber and crepe-textured outsole provide traction and longevity. The kick is lined with 100% cotton, which makes it comfortable.

Buffalo London’s Platform Sneakers

Buffalo London’s platform sneakers are the sure way to celebrate girl power. The kick hits the chunky trend in a style thanks to its all-black leather upper coupled with a 7cm man-made platform. And oh, don’t forget the branding which adds to the appeal.

The sneaker looks particularly fab when paired with the skinny fit leather-look jeans.

The sneaker is lined with a breathable fabric to ensure your shoe remain comfortable and dry throughout the wear.

Unfortunately, some users have noted that when worn, the heels tend to slip out the back. That’s a fitting issue that will see you keep stopping and retightening the shoelaces – which is annoying. As such, utilize the size charts provided by the eCommerce store to ensure you get the right fit.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneakers

Many users describe Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top sneakers as the closest they have come to a barefoot shoe experience. That can be attributed to their flat soles that allow you to plant your stance just right. Added to that is the cushioned insoles that provide arch support and an easy solution for when the pair is too spacious for your feet.

Besides these kicks are easy to wear and remove, clean, and maintain. They are super breathable, which makes them ideal for the summer seasons.

What’s more?

The sizing for these sneakers runs large. As such, it’s easier to find a pair that fits your feet easily. Added to that is a wide selection of colorways and prints which boosts the kick’s appeal.

When it comes to pairing outfits, you can wear these sneakers with a skater dress or opt for a pretty blouse and a short skirt. You can also don a washed denim with slim-fit jeans and a button-down shirt. And to sell the look, consider adding your favorite summer bag.

Note, some users have reported painful feet after an extended period of use; and thus, consider putting in an extra cushioned insole.

Fenty Puma Bow Satin Sneakers

The decision to let Rihanna creatively direct Puma’s women line is paying off. Customers are in love with the beauty and appeal of the Puma Bow Satin sneakers.

Besides beauty, the Fenty Puma Bow Satin sneaker is hailed as very comfortable footwear by many ladies. The model has a commendable number of colorways that style-conscious ladies can select from. As such, you are sure to turn heads and receive compliments when in your Puma Bow.

The kicks are laceless, and as such, you can use their signature satin bow to adjust the fit to your liking. They have a low-cut design, which enables unhindered movement.

Their soft monochromatic hue offers a neat glow that compliments your semi-formal and casual outfits. You can pair the kicks with sweatpants and a crop top that’s layered with an oversized jacket. Alternatively, you can go for a pretty flowy dress or a dressy button-down top matched with trousers – for a more elegant look. And when looking to standout, go for skinny, cropped jeans paired with an embellished long sleeve top. Finish the look with white fishnet socks and you’re good to go. 

In addition, their chunky midsoles are not stylish but provide good cushioning and comfort that’s essential for casual everyday use.

Note, some users have reported that the upper side of the satin bow show creases whenever they take a step. But that cannot outdo the great features and benefits that come from owning a Puma Bow. The kicks are also on the pricey end but worth the buck.

White Reebok Clas­sic Club C 85 Vin­tage

Now, this goes beyond the fact that Ariana Grande had signed with Rebook to promote their women’s line. No. These sneakers have their charm. Many purchasers love its classic and vintage look.

It’s no surprise that the sneaker at 4.7 by over 1000 verified US Amazon customers, and at 4.5 by over 50 Zappos customers.

Beyond the on-point style that goes with anything; are a super fit, Rebook-approved craftsmanship and quality, and reliable comfort.

On the downside, the footwear has a limited color option. In addition, its laces are reportedly low quality. Nonetheless, the footwear is affordable, true to size, and durable. Besides, the shoe offers sufficient foot support thanks to its quarter panel overlays placed on the upper.

The Club C 85 silhouette is also comfortable, thanks to its padded collar and tongue. Moreover, its low-profile allows flexible and quick movement, while its laces permit a customizable and easily-adjustable fit.


Ariana Grande is a sneaker gal like most of us. And she got taste too, as depicted in the list above. To steal her style, therefore, consider buying at least one of Ariana Grande’s favorite sneakers. (The popular White Nike Air Force 1 is available here at a very affordable price. )

You can then pair the kicks as she does or use your creativity to assemble a personal outfit of your own.

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