All Day I Dream About Sports: Top 9 adidas Sneakers to Watch for in 2020

Curious about the top 9 adidas sneakers to watch for in 2020? We’ve totally got your back. Check out our ultimate list today!

adidas ranks as one of the most popular shoe brands. Did you know they made over $25.8 billion in 2018? They’re quickly catching up with Nike, which is also another huge footwear giant.

Considering adidas keeps coming out with well-designed and high-quality shoes, it’s no wonder their revenue keeps growing every year. 

If you’re obsessed with adidas sneakers, then here are the top 10 to watch out for in 2020.

1. NMD_xr1

This is one of the best sneakers adidas has to offer. They’ve taken an older design of theirs (the NMD) and fused it with a new design, which has created a simple yet sleek look. This makes sense, as the tagline for this shoe is “Past_Empowers_Future.”

These kicks use primeknit construction and as EVA plugs added as an extra touch. Plus, it has plenty of color schemes available ranging from classic to modern.

2. Top Ten Hi

If you’re a firm believer that fashion is circular, then this is the adidas sneaker for you.

The Top Ten Hi is one of the original basketball kicks this brand made. It features a very simple design with clean black stripes on the side. These classic high tops can really add the perfect touch to practically any outfit.

There are several colors available, but if you’re trying to complete that retro look, then your best bet is to go as clean as possible.

3. Stan Smith

The Stan Smith is another retro adidas sneaker that’s made its rounds again. It was originally named after the pro tennis player and your parents may remember these shoes, as they’ve been around for decades.

These kicks also feature a very clean and simple look, which means it’ll pair well with any wardrobe. Get them in plain colors or dress things up with designs.

4. Ozweego

Do you miss the chunky skater shoes of the 2000s? Then you can get that aesthetic back with the adidas Ozweego.

When you get a pair of these kicks, you’ll feel like you’re back in high school hanging out with your friends at the local skate park. While you probably don’t rock the same aesthetics as you did back then, this can be just a small nod in your outfit toward your youth.

5. Yeezy Boost 350 V2

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is just as memorable and classy as the day they first came out. For those of you out of the loop, the first adidas Yeezy sneakers first came out in 2015.

Yeezy sneakers were first produced by Nike in 2009, which was a collaboration with celebrity Kanye West. But he left them in 2013 because they wouldn’t pay him royalties. 2 years later, he struck a deal with adidas and has made history since then.

While the first Yeezy Boost that came out was the 750, the 350 soon followed suit. To this day, it’s still highly trending in the sneaker world in its new form, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

This shoe comes in several color schemes, which means there’ll be one to suit your personal tastes.

6. Pharrell Williams

For those of you who are fans of celeb collabs, then here’s another one for you. They’re almost just as popular as the Yeezy line, which means you can’t go wrong with these kicks.

Pharrell’s helped design a clean-cut white sneaker that may look plain to the eye at first glance. But when you take a closer look at it, you’ll see it’s made with class and style.

Once again, here’s more adidas footwear that’ll go along nicely with practically any outfit.

7. Ultraboost

The adidas Ultraboost is a great choice if you want your sneakers to be “functional” as well. These are made as running shoes, which means that not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also get to run in comfort as well.

The Ultraboost has stretchweb technology as well as a rubber traction sole and Fitcounter support heel construction. This makes it very easy to run in and will boost your stamina.

Some (like the ones we offer) come in leather too, so you’ll get a touch of elegance with your kicks.

8. Nite Jogger

If you’re looking for a sneaker that’s used for something in between casual walking and running, then try the Nite Jogger. They’re designed to look very pleasing to the eye, but they’re still very comfortable to wear.

The Nite Jogger is perfect for those who walk around a lot. They’re loose-fitting but may feel a bit stiff if you try to move around as you would with running or sports. For this reason, it’s best used as a sneaker to walk long distances with.

9. Deerupt

On the other hand, if you’re planning on doing some serious running, then you’ll want to choose the Deerupt. This is a low-top trainer, which won’t make your feet feel restricted when you’re out on the tracks.

The Deerupt is made of lightweight and breathable material, which means no matter how sweaty your feet get, you won’t feel like you’re soaking in moisture, even if you’re running on a hot day.

The outside of these kicks is made of a mesh-like material, which gives it a streamlined look. Choose from a wide variety of colors.

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