Air Max 97: Top 5 Features and Color Options

Air Max 97: Top 5 Features and Color Options

When it comes to the Air Max 97, there remain plenty of options. Here are the top features and some different choices to consider.

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In 1997, Nike introduced its iconic Air Max 97 sneakers. The brainchild of visionary designer Christian Tresser, the shoes have remained a top-seller for 25 years. 

From Japanese bullet trains and mountain bikes to the ripples that form in ponds, Tressler drew inspiration from the natural and man-made world when crafting these shoes. As a result, there's a fluidity to this line that you can't find anywhere else. 

Today, nineties trends are back with a vengeance, and an entirely new generation is realizing the sheer glory of the 97s. If you're in the market for a pair of your own, here are the top five features and color options to consider. 

Air Max 97 Features

Before we dive into the top-selling Nike Air Max 97 colorways, let's take a look at the unique features that set these sneakers apart from the rest. 

Wavy Upper Design

You know a pair of 97s when you see them. These low-top shoes feature a wave-like design throughout the upper. Regardless of the specific color you choose, the pattern is continued throughout the line. 

This is another way that Tressler paid homage to the Japanese culture he so admired. With clean lines and minimal embellishments, the Air Max 97s have a soothing look that's very much in line with Japandi, the Japanese design theory that focuses on simplicity, natural elements, and comfort. 

Visible Air Cushioning

Like other Nike Air models, the 97s have a fully-exposed Air Cushioning Unit. While the unit obviously looks incredibly cool underfoot, its purpose runs deeper than aesthetics. 

Filled with pressurized air, it's designed to reduce the overall weight of the shoe without negatively impacting its performance. Though it compresses upon impact, it springs right back into its original shape and volume. This not only makes the shoe more durable but longer-lasting, as well. 

The unit blends seamlessly with the rest of the shoe and even incorporates the same colorway. For instance, the one on the Nike Women's Air Max 97 Multi-Color Sneakers features blue, red, and orange tones that mimic the same shades on the upper. 

Heel and Tongue Pull Tab

Want to slip your Nike Air Max 97 shoes on as quickly as possible? If so, you'll appreciate the convenient pull tab featured on this line. 

Adjustable to guarantee a perfect fit, this tab eliminates the need for bulky laces and lets you grab and go on the run. Whether you're suiting up for a long jog or heading out to hang with friends, it's these little features that make all the difference. 

Unmatched Breathability

Air Max 97s are a great running shoe, offering incredible support and all-day cushioning. At the same time, they're also refreshingly breathable, allowing you to use them all year round, even on the hottest days. 

This feature is due in large part to the sweat-wicking internal lining that you'll find on each sneaker. There are also strategically-placed mesh panels located throughout the inner bootie to ensure your feet don't overheat. 

With so many built-in cooling features, you can feel comfortable rocking any pair, even as temperatures creep higher. Pair some Air Max 97 sneakers with your athleisure wear for a universally-flattering everyday look. 

Rugged Midsole and Outsole

When you invest in a pair of Air Max 97s, you want to make sure they'll last as long as possible. You can rest assured that the ROI on these sneakers is high, thanks to the smart and intentional design. 

The shoe's midsole is made of sturdy foam that compacts and releases upon impact. This helps them retain their shape, even through years of wear. 

In addition, the outsole is made of solid rubber, with a leather canvas upper. You can wear these on any type of surface and feel confident that they'll last. 

Top Air Max 97 Color Options

When it comes to sneaker colorways, the ones you select are ultimately a personal decision. You should feel free to choose colors that represent your own unique style.

Still, there are always some color options that tend to be more popular than others. Let's take a look at five of the top Air Max 97 colorways to check out today. 

Black Air Max 97s

There's something timeless about black Air Max 97 sneakers. A pair like the Nike Air Max 97 Black GS goes with anything and instantly elevates your style. 

Due to their simplistic design and muted tone, these would even look great in the office! Pair them with distressed denim or a pair of workout pants for a more casual look. 

White Air Max 97s

In the same vein, you can't go wrong with Air Max 97 white sneakers! These are the perfect blank canvas for any type of wardrobe. 

The Nike Air Max 97 White Gum colorway is a great example, featuring a stark exterior with the exception of a tan rubber sole. In addition, you can also find plenty of models that incorporate a mostly-white upper with pops of bright colors to enhance the shoes' visual interest. 

Blue Air Max 97s

Maybe it's the fact that Tresser was inspired by water when creating this line, but we're instantly drawn to the blue ones, like the Nike Air Max 97 SE GS Blue Hero colorway.

The blues here aren't muted or subdued. Rather, most of them are bright and vibrant, adding a pop of color to anything you wear. 

Gold Air Max 97s

Sometimes, you just want your feet to do all the talking. When you rock a pair of gold Air Max 97s, that's exactly what happens. 

Start by checking out the Nike Air Max 97 Italy Gold colorway. The metallic hue is eye-catching and sure to turn every head. 

Multi-Colored Air Max 97s

Can't decide on one colorway that you like more than all of the others? With these shoes, you don't have to!

There are many different multi-colored designs to browse, such as the Nike Air Max 97 SE Energy Jelly colorway. Featuring shades of blue, yellow, green, and purple, it's a stunning symphony of hues. 

Shop Our Full Air Max 97 Collection

There's a reason that Nike Air Max 97 sneakers have enjoyed such a long-standing fanbase. These shoes not only look great and remain fashionably on-trend, but they're also exceptionally comfortable and built to last.

When you're ready to add a few pairs to your collection, we're here to help. Feel free to shop our full Air Max 97 collection online today!