Whether you’re rocking a bright and bold colorway, or you’re more into the classic black and white styles, there’s nothing not to love about a great pair of Jordans. 

Though they’re categorized as basketball shoes, these sneaks can take you from day to night, on and off the court, with ease. If you own a pair or just wish you did, you may be wondering what kind of attire to pair with them.

Today, we’re diving deep into this question with the ultimate Air Jordan style guide. 

How to Style Air Jordans With Jeans

Let’s start with one of the most basic wardrobe staples around: jeans! While there’s always a place for baggier styles, it’s best to stick with a slim fit when pairing denim with your Jordans.

This is because these sneakers tend to have a boxier, chunkier look. With wide-leg jeans, those dimensions can get lost and won’t stand out nearly as much. 

If you’re donning a pair of high-top Jordans, like the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Pros, then tuck your pants in or roll the cuffs up to give your shoes all the glory they deserve. This isn’t a time to tuck them shyly away!

However, resist the urge to stuff a ton of fabric behind the tongue of your shoes. Doing so can overpower your look and make the whole thing seem off-balance. This is why slim-fit options are best, as you can avoid pools of denim at your ankles. 

If you’re rocking a low-cut style, then you have a little more leeway. A pair like the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low OGs will look just as good with a pair of straight-leg jeans as a slim-fit or skinny-fit style.

Styling With Athleisure Wear

It’s no secret that athleisure has skyrocketed in popularity over the recent years. Especially as more people make the transition from working in an office to working at home, there’s never been a better time to invest in high-quality workout clothes that are as chic as they are comfortable.

As you ask yourself, “What pairs with Air Jordans?”, don’t forget to look inside your gym bag. 

Both men and women can confidently slip on their Jordans with this type of attire. Women will find that the sleek profile of leggings and yoga pants offer a great way to show off the fully glory of their sneaks. A pair like the Womens Air Jordan 5 Retros would look great paired with solid black workout pants, as the solid bottoms would make the Photo Blue colorway pop.

For those who prefer loose-fitting gym pants, look for a low-cut style of Jordans that won’t compete with the cuff. You can go classic and neutral with the Neutral Gray colorway of the Air Jordan 1 Low OGs. Or, add a pop of bright teal and orange with the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SEs in the Tropical Twist colorway.

Can You Wear Your Jordans With Shorts?

If you live in a gloriously warm climate, there will undoubtedly come a time when you want to wear shorts with your Air Jordans. You can absolutely rock this look, but length and fit are key.

As a general rule of thumb, steer clear of any shorts that are too skinny or too long. For the best fit, choose a pair of shorts that hits right above your knee. This way, you can elongate the look of your legs and give your Jordans the full attention they deserve.

Without any cuffs or pant legs to get in the way, go ahead and pick a classic high-top pair of Jordans! The Bordeaux colorway of the Nike Air Jordan 6 Retros would look great underneath solid black gym shorts.

Getting Creative With Textures

While you can’t go wrong with cozy denim or stretchy athleisure wear, you can’t exactly show up to the office in a pair of basketball pants. If your workplace allows sneakers, then you’ll need to pair them with attire that’s a little more formal.

In this case, it’s best to avoid ultra-refined slacks and suit pants. Instead, look for khaki or corduroy pants that have a bit of a distressed look. This grounds your outfit and makes your sneakers pop even more.

Don’t overdo the add-ons, but look for small touches that make the pants even cooler, such as side pockets or patterns. Then, slip on a neutral pair of Jordans, like the Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro Low, featuring the black-and-gold tones of the Wings Class of 2020-2021 colorway.

Balance Dimensions With Tees and Blouses

While there are some low-cut versions available, Jordans are decidedly bold and chunky shoes. As such, you can help balance your look by adding a little dimension on top. This is especially helpful if you’re wearing an ultra-high pair, like the Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro BCFCs. 

Oversized graphic tees are a cool and fashion-forward choice for both men and women. Women can also add a flowing tunic on top of slim-fitting leggings to even out their top and bottom proportions. In the wintertime, don’t be afraid to pair your Jordans with a long peacoat or parka! 

The weight and length of these types of outwear beautifully balances out your sneakers. Keep your ankles warm with a high-top style that also offers plenty of support!

What’s Your Signature Air Jordan Style?

When you invest in a great pair of Air Jordans that you love, you want to make sure that they get plenty of attention in your closet. When you have a few great pieces that you know look great with them, then you’re that much more likely to put them on full rotation in your wardrobe. Your Air Jordan style is all your own, and now you know a few rules that can optimize any look.

If you’re ready to add a few more pairs to your collection, then we’ve got you covered. Feel free to check out all of our Air Jordan styles online, and contact us if you have any questions!