Adidas Yeezy Slides: Are They Worth It?

Are you thinking of buying a pair of Adidas Yeezy slides? Then take some time to read about whether or not they are worth it.

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In December 2019, Kanye West released something completely different: Adidas Yeezy Slides. 

Available in a handful of neutral-toned colorways, these laceless slides are made primarily of an injected EVA foam. Though they originally raised eyebrows, they're now gracing fashion runways and the feet of elite superstars. 

Wondering if they truly live up to the hype? Today, we're sharing our opinion on the best features of the Yeezy Slides, and whether we think they're a solid buy (hint: absolutely). 

Go-With-Anything Colorways

When you want bold and bright sneakers, there are plenty of Yeezy options. Take the entire Yeezy 500 line, for instance. The futuristic shoes are available in such eye-catching colorways as Tactile Orange and Frost Blue. 

Those are your go-to picks when you need something dynamic to dress up your wardrobe. While you won't find any such tones in the Yeezy slides, they're a refreshing diversion from otherwise vivid line. 

Instead, you'll find calm, soothing shades such as the Pure, Earth Brown, and Core colorway. The slides are unassuming and that's exactly why they've amassed such a mega following. With more subdued shades, the sleek style of the shoe stands out above anything else. 

These pair great with jeans, workout pants, slacks, and of course, your favorite swimwear. They're interesting without drawing too much attention, and you'll find yourself reaching for them time and again. 

Unmatched Comfort

Next, let's talk comfort. The Yeezy brand has long been synonymous with cushy style, but the slides take it to the next level. The EVA foam composition is unlike any other shoe on the market, and you'll feel the difference from the first step.

The material gently compresses as you put weight on it, conforming comfortably to your foot. Yet, it will remain firm enough to offer great support, all day long. This is because there's a special, integrated layer on top of the footbed that's designed for optimal step performance. 

This means you can rock your Yeezy Slides at the beach, running errands, or lounging poolside, and you'll enjoy plush luxury all day long. 

Simplistic Style

All Yeezy slides are designed with the same basic form. This includes an inflexible and molded upper, as well as a softly serrated sole. Yet, these pieces fit easily together, creating the illusion of one-piece shoe.

If you're already a fan of the Yeezy Foam Runners, then it's time to give the Yeezy Slides a try. They're nowhere near as futuristic and quirky, but they're equally sleek and seamless. When you want other parts of your style to do the talking, these make a great style statement. 

Star-Studded Support

No, you shouldn't base your choice of footwear solely around what's trending at the moment. Yet, it does help to know that you aren't the only one who loves a particular style of slides or sneakers!

When it comes to the Yeezy Slides, this support was iffy at first. Critics weren't sure what to make of this new type of shoe, which beautifully combines loungewear with high-end quality and performance. The questions grew as Ye himself was spotted wearing Yeezy Slides that were noticeably too small, explaining that he was simply donning the shoes in the traditional Japanese way. 

Since then, they've grown in popularity immensely, popping up on fashion runways, Hollywood streets, and everywhere in between. If you're looking for footwear with an established cool factor, Yeezy Slides are it. 

Excellent Traction and Flexibility

There are many rubber lounge sandals that you simply can't wear on a slick surface, due to fear of slipping and sliding all over the place. While we don't recommend wearing any type of shoe on an especially wet surface, you can breathe a little easier when you put on a pair of Yeezy Slides. 

The outsole features strategically-placed grooves that offer the ultimate in traction, helping you to stay upright even when conditions aren't ideal. Interestingly, the grooves don't impede the shoe's flexibility at all. You can still stash these in your luggage, pool bag, or tote without worrying about crushing them or hurting their shape. 


Wide Range of Sizes

Why should adults have all of the fun? Some of the sweetest Yeezy Slides are the baby and kids' models, such as these Infant Slides in the Resin colorway. 

With men's, women's, and children's sizes available, your whole family can rock the Yeezy style! This extends their versatility and timelessness tenfold. This way, everyone can match for day at the beach! Choose different colors for each family member so they're easy to grab on the go.

Affordable Price Point

It's no secret that you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on the latest styles of sneakers from Adidas, Nike, and other top brands. While it can be fun to invest in pieces you love, it's also smart to be cost-conscious.

This is another reason why we love the Yeezy Adidas Slides. They're among some of the best-priced Yeezy styles. This allows you to rock the Ye brand without the price tag that can accompany other types of sneakers in the line. 

If you're looking for casual shoes, you don't have to break your budget on kicks that are too precious. These are durable, rugged, and built to last. They're also surprisingly affordable, which makes them easier to collect! 

Shop Our Selection of Adidas Yeezy Slides

By now, we don't have to tell you how comfortable, stylish, and on-trend the Adidas Yeezy Slides are. If the above reasons aren't enough to convince you, then try a pair on for yourself!

Immediately, you'll notice that this type of footwear is in a class of its own. Before long, you'll be ready to add a few more pairs to your growing collection. 

Along the way, we'll be here to help. Feel free to shop all of our Yeezy kicks online today, and find your new favorite style!