9 of the Best Nike Basketball Shoes

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Do you want to look cool while on the court? If so, why would you look any further than the iconic brand that is Nike? With a track record in producing awesome, amazing designs that combine durability and comfort, every player needs a pair of Nikes. 

The only problem is the vast choice available. Do you take the basketball route or go straight for Air Jordans? Read on to find out our best Nike basketball shoes. 

1. Foamposite Pro

Originally launched in 1997, the Foamposite Pro makes this list because of its sheer, lightweight design. It is also extremely comfortable, so it is ideal for the rigors of the ball court. It is very resistant to scuffs and is easy to clean. 

The Foamposite Pro comes in several colors, but we really prefer the flat silver, black, and electro orange version to any others. It looks like it really has come from a sci-fi movie and is sure to give you an edge in your game. 

Unfortunately, the Foamposite Pro is one of the most popular Nike basketball shoes and can be hard to get hold of. Grab a pair today before they sell out for good. 

2. LeBron 7 MVP 2020 PS

This is a really good Nike basketball shoe with a solid price tag. With such a low retail price, you would assume some of the quality is sacrificed, but that is not noticeable anywhere on the sneaker. In fact, the sneaker even improves on many of the previous Lebron signature sneakers. 

Lebrons whole angle with the shoes is air. They are extremely light and do not sacrifice durability in the pursuit of it. The shoes are available in a range of colors, but our choice is the sleek wolf grey and white variant. 

3. Air Max Uptempo 95

One of the most enduring and best Nike high top basketball shoes, the Uptempo 95, takes its design elements from pop and street art of the nineties. This is easy to see in its bold blocks of bright color. The white and camarillo scheme is interrupted only by the court purple of the iconic Nike logo. 

4. KD13 EP

This is one of the most out-there designs in the 2020 Nike catalog but is one that reflects the outlook of its signature star well. Kevin Durant is known as one of the most gifted scorers in the game, and this shoe spreads his message of peace and love. They are bold, dynamic, and in your face. 

An explosion of color sits on the sneaker in a flurry of flower power logos. Hyper pink, lemon venom, and laser orange decorate the whole fabric, which is rounded off with yellow lace. The ankle trim blends all these colors in a rainbow wave effect, and it sits on a white, cushioned sole. 

5. Air Jordan 4 Retro Union

One of this year’s most exciting looking sneakers is the Retro Union. Based on the classic 1989 Air Jordan 4, it pushes the boundaries of retro design with its sleek palette. This shoe was originally the first global franchise release, and the Retro Union is a great homage to its forefather.

The bulk of the shoe is a chic pastel pink, highlighted by brigade blue and light fusion red. This sits on a chunky sole of light bone, tying together that classic eighties look. Finally, the transparent slice of guava ice ties the various sections together. 

A feature of this sneaker is the sole of the shoe. The color scheme and bone look use the trademark logo on the bottom to add some classic Nike appeal. 

6. Kobe 5 Protro

This is a classic basketball shoe with a great new look, updated for 2020. The ‘Black Mamba’ Kobe Bryant joined Nike Basketball in 2003, and since then, his signature shoes have combined comfort and durability with some iconic looks. This trainer follows that trend. 

They have a stylish low top with a concord purple and midwest gold color scheme. The midsole has a great looking fade between the two colors. Combined with the messy font design on the fabric and bridge, the whole thing comes away with a graffiti aesthetic. 

7. Air Jordan 5 Retro SE

One of the latest Nike basketball shoes to hit the market, the Retro SE is one of the most awesome looking shoes of the year. It takes the 1990 look of the original Air Jordan style but adds the aesthetics of Japanese fighter planes from the second world war. Designer Tinkey Hatfield has done this by adding a shark tooth design in the midsole and Japanese characters at the back of the shoe. 

8. Air Jordan 12 Retro

For a striking pair of shoes, look no further than the 12 Retro. They employ a bold cut color look with intricate fan stitching on the back of the sneaker. This look is inspired by the rising sun featured on the emblem of the Japanese flag. 

On the top half, the black leather upper offers bags of protections, while the snake texture yellow mudguard protects against the elements. This creates one of the best Nike shoes on the market in terms of aesthetics. 

It is one of the most durable shoes in the Nike catalog. It is excellent for professional or recreational use. 

9. Best Nike Basketball Shoes PG 1

The final choice on the list goes to the minimalist design of the Nike PG 1. Paul George’s first signature shoe sports a two-color divide with a dash of contrasting color on the top of the foot. Its high quality, strong materials come in at a very reasonable price, often around the $110 mark. 

The sneakers have since had multiple upgrades. The original works best for anyone looking for support in a narrow foot shoe. For bigger players, they may not be as comfortable or offer the support required. 

Dress for the Court

Now you have the best Nike basketball shoes, you just need the rest of the outfit. Make sure you look slick on the court this season by wearing your new sneakers with some matching trainers or shorts.

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