Air Jordan 27

In 2012, Nike decided to join forces with Tinker Hatfield once again. And just like before, the famous designer did not disappoint. In fact, Air Jordan 27 may be one of his finest AJ sneakers ever designed. Inspired not only by Jordan's performance on the court, Air Jordans 27 borrows from the US cultural background. Hatfield was especially inspired by the story of the neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, during the zoot suit era of the 1920s/30s.

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The entire upper body of the Air Jordan 27 is made from a combination of premium leather and nubuck. The back end of it is inspired by a football jockstrap. The air soles feature an italicized “Jumpman” logo to represent Michael Jordan’s famous sonic slam dunk. Meanwhile, the outsole features the words “Be Like Mike” to pay homage to Jordan’s motivational speeches.

The design is not the only reason to buy Jordans 27, though. Like other sneakers from the line, 27s are comfortable, durable, and made of top-quality materials. Additionally, they come with a variety of colorways, with the most famous ones being Black/White and White/Black/Varsity Red.

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